Robert Wickboldt III

Real Estate Investor & Day Trader

Robert Wickboldt III distinguishes apart as a critical participant in the financial services and investment industries. He presently serves as the leader of Essex Investments and has a tremendous personal and professional history that has helped him advance his career.

Robert, who grew up in a military household, spent much of his adolescence in Houston and regularly relocated. After completing high school, he continued his study at Columbia University. During his student years and early adulthood, he focused on investing, reading extensively about the history and future of the stock and bond markets.

Robert's curiosity about the stock market's possibilities for new investors led him to day trading. Based on market indications, he made short-term investments in several firms using this method. He has established himself as a professional investment strategist by developing investment methods utilized by professional investment firms. His strategy is doing extensive evaluations of individual firms and stocks while considering macroeconomic dynamics.

Robert established his investing business, Essex Investment LLC, in Reno, Nevada, in 2022. The company aims to develop an alternative investment method to produce long-term returns. Robert is the managing partner of the business and is responsible for the investment strategy, which incorporates his prior expertise in day trading and stock market investing.

Real estate is an asset type that offers Wickboldt additional personal income flow, long-term investment returns, and portfolio diversity. He feels it also helps control tax burden and contributes to a well-balanced portfolio, which is favorable given the typical volatility of the stock market.